Fast Jet Performance

Did You Always Want to be a Fighter Pilot?

For 20 years I flew military fast jets for the Royal Air Force, becoming the senior flying instructor in the RAF's Advanced Fast Jet Flying Training at RAF Valley, UK

There I led a team of highly trained instructors who were responsible for teaching other instructors and students on the world's most advanced military flying training aircraft, the Hawk T2

Want to learn from me?


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What You'll Learn

All lessons delivered by a 20-Year veteran Fighter Pilot in Advanced Flying and Tactical Weapons Instruction
  • The FIGHTER PILOT MENTALITY which can be applied to everyday life
  • Military formation flying both domestic and tactical
  • Correct Communication, Captaincy and Airmanship
  • The RAF Advanced Flying Training Syllabus applied to DCS
  • The RAF Tactical Weapons Syllabus applied to DCS

Led by Tim Davies

Tim Davies is a former fighter pilot and fast jet flying instructor who spent 20 years in the Royal Air Force. For the last decade he served as the Senior Flying Instructor on the largest fast jet squadron in the UK.

Leaving the RAF he became the Strategy Director for AERALIS helping them design and finance their new jet trainer. For many years he has written about behavioural psychology in aviation and is now a consultant on human performance and training.

Tim now teaches fast jet flying online using Digital Combat Simulator (DCS).

Picture of Tim in an aircraft

Bonus material

Not JUST any online course!

Course Instructor

Tim Davies spent 20 years in the Royal Air Force developing his leadership and instructional skills on the Tornado GR4 low level bomber and the Hawk training aircraft. For the last decade, Tim was the most senior RAF Flying Instructor on the largest fast jet Squadron in Northern Europe, responsible for the standards and leading the training of 80 pilots.

Course Timings

Each course runs for about 12 weeks but we have breaks! You can start PRIMO (Basic/Advanced) at any stage and work towards starting on the EXTREMUS (Weapons) course!

Class times are variable so check the programme with the link below.

Course Size

Each class has around 4 to 20 pilots who know and trust each other through many hours of flying together - you'll soon be one of them!

We ARE NOT a squadron - this is RAF flying training brought online!

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Flight School Reviews

January 7, 2021
If you’re looking to develop those flying skills and interested in learning from the pro’s then Shadowlands Advanced is the place for you, I have found it to be a great mix of skilled and passionate aviators who are approachable and supportive, my advice would be; don’t worry about messing things up that’s how you’re going to learn.
Mike (Mugs) UK
January 7, 2021
As an experienced airline pilot that has always had a massive interest in military aviation. I was keen to learn how to operate fast jets in a realistic manner. This is exactly what I have learnt in my time under Tim's instruction. Given the cost of commercial training, I still find it astonishing you can get this level of instruction at this price.
January 17, 2021
Shadowlands, a place off-grid where time is hacked and counted in bananas. Lessons are frequent and to the point. The place for aviation beginners, veterans and enthusiasts alike. In Shadowlands you will find a fantastic group of unique people, all with a common denominator, the will of betterment in flying for real or in simulation. After completing the syllabus you have changed the way you approach flying and planning. And increased mental capacity that boosts your day to day interactions on and off work. Highly recommended program. Stick with it and you will be rewarded.
March 6, 2021
Shadowlands provides an incredible opportunity to learn and fly with legendary, superhero fighter pilot Tim Davies. His passion is evident in his instruction and the lessons are based on military doctrine. A very rewarding experience getting to learn from a professional fighter pilot.
May 6, 2021
I joined Shadowlands as a total novice and have been amazed at my progression and how much I have learned from Tim’s teachings. It becomes apparent early on how good he is, and what a unique opportunity this for us. You certainly get out what you put in, and whilst it can be hard work at times, I do find it hugely rewarding. You don’t just learn from Tim. The server is full of military and civilian pilots, all extremely friendly and more than happy to pass on their knowledge and experience. In fact, being one of the few non-pilots, I felt somewhat of an imposter when first joining, but I really shouldn’t have.
July 2, 2021
An amazing and unique insight into Royal Air Force fast jet flying!
August 21, 2021
I flew Military jets and still flying Civilian jets. I have no interest flying randomly and shooting others in any server. But i was looking to immerse back in the ambiance & mood of Fast Military Jets. With its unique flying characteristics and feelings. 20 years later, I am rediscovering the pleasure of operating Mil Jets.
September 8, 2021
Like others on the program I've had a life long interest in military aviation and flight simulation is been a passion. This morning we were consolidating some skills from the Primo course, completing a formation take off, then moving into a series of tactical formation changes before swapping lead and returning to undertake a pairs landing back at the airfield, in poor visibility. Lots of lessons learned and others reinforced. This afternoon I watched a pair of hawk trainers out of RAF Valley (on the Flight radar app) doing the same exercises, a surprising coincidence perhaps, but I can't think of a better way of underlining what a unique opportunity is being offered on Shadowlands.
Craig SC
September 15, 2021
My response to Fast Jet Performance after a 1 on 1 formation teach. This was honestly the most enjoyable and challenging experience I’ve had in DCS. 10/10 - Would be so mentally taxed, I'd struggle to say “2” again!
December 8, 2021
I have a particularly stressful job, and I cannot stress enough how therapeutic the FJP tuition has been. Yes, it’s demanding, especially for an airborne disaster area like me, but the expertise on tap is not only great value, it’s delivered in a friendly environment where learning is encouraged. What a great group!
December 8, 2021
Always wanted to be a pilot but things dont always work out. This however is as close as you can get. In VR it is amazing. Piloting the most advanced jets in the world with the incredible tuition of Tim Davies, from bombing runs, formation, aircraft carrier landings, it covers it all, and many of the other great guys on shadowlands who are only too happy to help. Join the crew and have some fun!
January 20, 2022
I came here after struggling with the pace and intensity of the learning curve in the online squad I was with - and immediately felt that this was the place I needed to be for learning and flying for fun. The people here are great, you can learn and fly at your own pace, the lessons are paced very well and there is a revolving schedule that lets you catch up and re cover stuff you need to easily. Tim's experience and depth of knowledge is priceless and he makes the whole experience fun and stress free. Can't recommend highly enough....