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Need to TAKE BACK CONTROL of your life?

Join the online SPIN Recovery Programme designed and led by a former RAF fighter pilot

It will change YOUR mindset, develop YOUR motivation and place YOU in a group of likeminded and ACCOUNTABLE people

This course has been made more affordable and is NOW on a flexible SUBSCRIPTION basis!

The Path to Transformation

In today's world, many people search for happiness in the wrong places, leading to frustration and disappointment. I know this struggle firsthand.

After 20 years as a fighter pilot and instructor in the RAF, I faced my own battles when transitioning to civilian life. My marriage was falling apart, and I struggled with severe alcoholism and suicidal ideation. I was trapped in a dark and negative routine and despised myself for sinking so low.

In my quest for help, I found only confusion and contradictory advice. There was no one to guide me or hold me accountable for my actions. It was a lonely and disheartening experience. Realising that no one was coming to save me, I hit rock bottom.

But hitting rock bottom was a blessing in disguise. When you're at your lowest point, the only direction to go is up.

Climbing out of that dark place was a long and painful journey, but I made it.

I learned valuable lessons along the way, and now, I want to share them with you through the SPIN Recovery Programme. This programme is designed to provide the guidance and accountability that I couldn't find when I needed it most.

Join me, and let's work together to turn your life around.

My Journey to a New Life

I know what it's like to be trapped in a cycle of negative beliefs and habits, desperately seeking validation from others who have their own issues to deal with. It's a frustrating and lonely place to be. The truth is, the validation you seek can only come from within.

When people say, "no one is coming to save you," what they often leave out is that you need to save 'you' from yourself.

My journey taught me the power of small, consistent steps in building the unstoppable force within us. It's about making the right choices, no matter how minor, every day to move closer to the life we want.

I started with a very basic routine, fuelled by determination and self-discipline. As I grew stronger, I took bigger steps, ultimately overcoming the challenges that held me back.

The SPIN Recovery Programme is designed to help you take those crucial first steps and guide you on your journey to a better life.

Join me, and become the person people look up to.

The SPIN Recovery Programme

The SPIN Recovery Programme is an online training course that provides comprehensive support in the areas of Self-Esteem, Purpose, Integrity, and Negativity.

This program is not just about getting fitter or having a good diet; it’s about creating a sustainable lifestyle change that allows you to thrive. With my extensive background in human performance, alcoholism and behavioral psychology, I have crafted a unique approach that blends my military training expertise with practical life skills.

It's more than just a diet or workout plan; it's a comprehensive approach to personal discipline and self-improvement.

Join me to embark on a transformative journey and build a life you truly want.

OK, let me send you a FREE BOOK - What You'll Learn

Featuring advice from a 20-Year veteran Fighter Pilot and Human Performance Coach
  • Why You Self-Sabotage and Hold Yourself Back from Achieving Your Full Potential
  • What YOU can Learn from the Curious Reason of Why People Plan for Failure
  • What is Imposter Syndrome? Why Most of us Have it and What YOU can do to Overcome it
  • A Series of Topics that will Help YOU to Grow and to Overcome Your Self-Doubt and Low Self-Esteem
  • Why Having a Plan B can Lead YOU to not Getting the Success YOU Deserve!



Level 1: Legionary

The Legionary level offers advice on mental health, exercise and nutrition, along with the CORE LESSONS in Self-Esteem, Purpose, Integrity, and Negativity

This foundation is perfect for those starting their journey toward better health and well-being

Level 2: Centurion

The Centurion level includes all the benefits of the Level 1: Legionary tier PLUS a customised workout plan, nutrition advice and progress monitoring

This level provides additional support and guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals

Level 3: Senator

The Senator level offers everything from the previous tiers, PLUS an hour of one-on-one consultation with me every month

This personalised attention ensures you stay on track and continue to make progress

Why Choose SPIN Recovery?

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of Tim Davies, a seasoned RAF fighter pilot and instructor who has dedicated his career to training and developing others.

Structured Support

Join a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to making positive changes in their lives. Our program is designed to provide you with the support and accountability you need to succeed.

Flexible Levels of Subscription

We offer different levels of subscription to meet your needs and budget, ensuring you get the right amount of support and guidance on your journey.

Led by Tim Davies

Tim Davies is a former fighter pilot and fast jet flying instructor who spent 20 years in the Royal Air Force. For the last decade he served as the Senior Flying Instructor on the largest fast jet squadron in the UK

For many years he has written about behavioural psychology in aviation and is now a consultant on human performance and training

He is the author and facilitator of the SPIN Recovery Programme that helps professionals recover from dynamic change and chaos and return to order

Bonus material

Not JUST any online course!

Course Instructor

Tim Davies spent 20 years in the Royal Air Force developing his leadership and instructional skills on the Tornado GR4 and the Hawk training aircraft.

For the last decade, Tim was the most senior RAF Flying Instructor on the largest fast jet Squadron in Northern Europe, responsible for the standards and leading the training of 80 pilots.

Course Timings

The course is all online in a select community of likeminded individuals so timings work no matter where you are in the world as you participate IN YOUR OWN TIME!

Every week there are topics to learn and study with a weekly group chat with Tim to review what you have done.

Individual Requirements

If you are currently feeling lost or know that you should be performing at a higher level for yourself, your family and friends - then the SPIN Recovery Programme is for you.

The community supports failure that leads to growth so don't worry if your diet needs work or you haven't done any exercise in a couple of decades - you are in safe hands here and you are not alone!


Making a real difference

Aug 12, 2019
Tim's advice and coaching has given me the confidence and tools to embark on a different path than I was on. It may not lead to a career change that I'd like what it has done has helped me on a personal level. He delivers his coaching in a style that always keeps you engaged.
Scott Gardner
Jan 3, 2018
Tim has suggested he doesn't really like praise and that it doesn't sit well with him, however it's hard not to review so highly, someone who puts themselves out there with one goal and that's to coach, guide and somewhat selflessly help strangers to become better people in whatever walks of life they're in...helping to create 'warriors-like' changes for the better. Tim's content and depth of knowledge born from years of elite flying and military middle management is both inspired & well delivered - keep it up mate!!
Rob Weir
Aug 12, 2019
Whatever your professional or personal background, Fast Jet Performance offers some positive behavioural training and performance coaching delivered with integrity, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour.
Chris Andersen
Aug 13, 2019
Tim's knowledge and expertise in aviation are massive but it is the insight in what it takes to work with fast jets that makes him invaluable! Sometimes it might be a simple to "breath" other times it's about one's inner self that is so striking. His insights has help me in numerous situations. Brilliant! Highly recommended.
Marco Venzelaar
Jan 16, 2018
Awesomeness at its very best 😂👍 Great group full of advice from a very experienced pilot/ instructor.. Great posts from the group. Informative and a great place to hang out.
Julie Alderson
Aug 12, 2019
FJP an honest, thought provoking and motivational experience I would recommend anyone engage with.
Ian David Bond
Feb 26, 2018
How can someone who is distantly removed from my business affect my outlook so much? Well the answer is quite simple, it's the "fluff" we put in our way. Tim discusses "fluff" (sorry Tim couldn't come up with a more manly term) and how and why it trips us up regardless of our work and goals. Invaluable, potent, relevant, insightful, inspiring and pretty damn Ninja.
Mark Parry
Aug 12, 2019
Tim has spent many hours teaching others many great skills. Many of us now are awesome warriors.
David Allwood