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Tim Davies. International Speaker, Writer &
High-Performance Coach

Accelerate Your Potential


Learn from a former Royal Air Force fast jet flying instructor who will drop some 'TRUTH BOMBS' onto your personal battlefield to help you to win the wars you are fighting!

'Accelerate Your Potential'

When the ENGINE STOPS - Fighter Jet (FULL ATC AUDIO)
Hawk T2 - The Fastest Way to Land a Jet
Low Level IN COCKPIT - EXPLAINED by the RAF Instructor Pilot


Former Royal Air Force fighter pilot and fast jet Tactical Weapons Instructor talks about high performance psychology and overcoming your personal challenges.

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Mindset, Motivation and Group Accountability for MEN who want to TAKE BACK CONTROL

'Men are NOT born, they are MADE by other Men' - Tim Davies

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Tim Davies

I am a high performance consultant assisting individuals and organisations in creating a better, happier and more productive futures. I specialise in high performance leadership and coaching and get organisations to work together from a paradigm of trust, rather than fear.

My clients work with me because I take their business personally – their 'success' is my 'mission'.

As the former senior flying instructor on the UK’s newest fighter jet training aircraft, I was responsible for ALL student and instructor training on the largest fast jet squadron in the Royal Air Force.

Responsible for over 80 pilots and 28 aircraft, I wrote about the Human Factors associated with the challenging business of military flying training in the UK. Previously, a Combat Ready Tornado GR4 pilot, I combine experience of the front-line operational task with the training of tomorrow’s war-fighters and deliver it to individuals and teams in an understandable and actionable way.

After 20 years of military service, I started my company, Fast Jet Performance Ltd, to help people gain a deeper appreciation of the mechanisms of success and how they can be used to enhance the performance of both the individual and the team.

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